Seller Features

Here is a list of some of the features that we offer sellers:
  • "My Account" pages allow you to edit your account settings any time you wish, add listings, update profile, view order history, also allow you to manage the followings; listings, subscriptions, favorites and saved searches.
  • "Update Profile" pages allow you to update your account any time and also allow you to add your organization, phone number, photo, logo, website, social media links, about yourself or your organization and change password.
  • "Manage Listing, Saved Searches and Favorites" pages allow you to add, edit, stop, run, delete, extend your listings any time.
  • "Add Listing" process is very simple to use. Our site guides you through each step of the process which only takes a minute or two before your listing is live on the site.
  • "Featured Listing" status gives your listing some additional exposure at the top of all non-featured listings.
  • "Banner Placement" feature gives your listing priority (higher visibility on the site).
  • "Coupon" feature gives you the ability to give your customers a discount.
  • "Video Clip" feature gives you ability to add video to your listing.
  • "Photo Gallery" feature gives you option to share your photos with your customers (Best for businesses, photographers, arts, designers and any other industries that are involved with images).